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Nov. 9, 2020

Home Owner's Institute- William Scholtens- the Inequity of Information

Home Owner's Institute- William Scholtens- the Inequity of Information

Bill Scholtens of Elements Architectural Group in Chicago shares with us his ideas on the benefits testing and failing in the design and construction process. We discuss the inequity of information owners have at the beginning of the process and how good architects and builders can bridge the knowledge gap. He shares experiences on how to set budget expectation before the introduction of the contractor. And how choosing the right contractor for your project is essential in building a team that will respect and work collaboratively towards mutual success. Bill also shares the joy of his childhood home and how it influences his current practice of designing restful spaces intentionally. Bill can be found at

Bill Scholtens was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He met Fred Gutierrez while pursuing his Master of Architecture degree at MIT. With a unique skill set as a trained architect, carpenter and counselor he founded Elements Architectural Group in 2006. He is deeply aware that a home project is the most expensive purchase a client will make in their lifetime. To that end he created The Elements Way- a proven process for creating one-of-a-kind homes that are high design, client care that is high touch, and projects that are high value. To learn more visit


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