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Oct. 24, 2020

Home Owner's Institute- Eve Isenberg- Leading Your Mid-Century Modern Home Renovation

Home Owner's Institute- Eve Isenberg- Leading Your Mid-Century Modern Home Renovation

An interview with Eve Isenberg, Principal of the women-owned InkStone Architects in Concord Massachusetts. InkStone Architects specializes in renovating Mid Century Modern Homes in New England.

Today's talk is with  Eve Isenberg. Eve and I met in 2005 when I was a project manager at a construction management firm. We built a particularly challenging, special project together. We talk about that project a little, but we start the conversation with her current work, where Eve runs an architecture firm with her partner Brigette Steines, their office InkStone architecture focuses on mid-century modern homes.

If you're not familiar with mid-century modern homes, do a little research. I think you'll find a lot of the mid-century modern aesthetics carry into the contemporary architecture we see today.

InkStone's practice sustains the legacy  of the mid-century modern architectural style while renovating these older homes with today's modern envelopes and mechanical systems. 

Eve shares good advice for both the first time homeowner doing a project. And then we talk about some of her more seasoned owners and how they experienced projects differently.  

At the end, Eve and I have an outtake where we reflect on the project we built back in 2005. We talk about the lessons learned from that project, how decisions we made back then played out today. It's an interesting conversation.

 So enjoy. And if you're inclined to ask questions, please reach out. I'd love to include your questions or discussion on future podcasts.

Thanks for listening. 

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